Friday, January 29, 2010


I hate calling my bro-in-law with bad news..mostly when it is something I did. yesterday I had another car accident. head on with another car...damnit.
I swear its always something..But when I call the first thing he says is are you ok, as if I cared if I was hurt..all I care about is the car.
I know things happen and thats what we have insurance for, so I will just relax and let it go. I have to because there is nothing else I can do...
It's Friday and I am going to work then home to sit my lazy ass on the couch for the night, hopefully, kids will be running around but I can always throw them outside.
Oh one of my friends from Texas might be coming to visit, how cool is this. She is so awesome and we have alot of fun together...hope she makes it..
Off I go, enjoy your day and have a great weekend....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Grinch

I am such a sour puss...need to get out of the feelin sad for myself and back to my "hey life is too short" phase. I get that way once in a blue moon, we are all entitled.
Things are actually good right now, just one of those times when I miss friends and chillin like I used to. But we must all keep good company and well that is what I lost site of..stick with family and good people and all will be great...
Going to work, which is so awesome right now..we are busy and I am learning all kinds of things..I love it love it... day off tomorrow, so sweet
Have a great day all

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I can't see it....

Why can't I see the good in things...I mean I know that all things work out and that there is light at the end of every tunnel, but sometimes I lay in bed just wondering.
I had a good weekend. Got things done and had family time, which is always great. but now as the week approaches I get well stressed...and lonely.
Thank god I got sis, she always puts it into perspective.
My kiddo is a joy to, he is there being a butt to lighten the mood...
Mmmm guess its life hittin hard huh?
So as I wrap up the month and start new I say...I can, I will, and don't worry.
Until next time....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Almost too tired

I just got no sleep last night. Between cats and this major pain I have in my arm, I might as well just pulled an all niter...I almost called into work, but I am sucking it up and heading out..
Can't cash it in for the weekend yet, it's almost here
Put some food in the stomach, which might make it worse, and go.
You should see my hair this morning, my sis would be all over me with the camera..
Till tonight.........Peace

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Morning

As you can see my sister helped me with another picture...she does have a knack for picking the best ones,
Another day at work, I really like my job, and the people there are just awesome. We have all kinds of fun, oh along with work do. But got to make it fun right.
Cody is in this afterschool program at school and they are teaching them "Ballroom" dancing. I think that is so cool, and as far as I know so does he.
We will see how well he learns, he plans on showing momma tonight what he I will not be posting would just love that..
Off to work, have a great day all

Monday, January 18, 2010

I see your true colors

I can't beleive some people...I have done nothing but been nice, honest, and helpful and all I get in return is a "fuck you"...well guess what , the same to you. I have no desire to see you or hear from you...and I am so not the type to cut people out of my life, but I don't deserve this...

I feel better now thank you. It's a new week, off to work. Can't wait till 3pm...its on of those lay in bed days, oh well got to pay bills.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Temp Job

I am off to start a temp job for the Census...extra cash will help.
I of course have to get this child of mine to understand that he has to read his book in order to do his book report...I will resort to beating it into his skull if he can't get it...
What I want to do is lay on the couch and block out all outside voices, no questions, no mom-mom-mom...I mean really, if I don't answer you does that tell you something...
but instead going to work then off to play with the trees to keep my house warm...

Have a great day all...

Friday, January 15, 2010


I did the funniest almost goofiest thing today, but well we all used to do this thing where we took pictures of our feet for "Friday put your feet up"...well I kinda did a little friday feet thing today...I took Fruit by the foot to work, which is like fruit roll ups, but in one long strand...myself and another soul there ate the all at once.....It's Friday have a fruit by the foot...

Hey got to keep us young...

So this weekend is gettin things done weekend...go thru clothes and clean house..and get wood.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am so lazy

So I have been in Montana since August..Since then I have started working at an animal hospital, yeah had to go into the family business..I have moved into my own place, me Cody and mom. It isn't far from sis, just about 10 miles up the road, so you know I am always going to her house...she can't get rid of me..
Cody is enjoying life here alot..he is doing great in school, as I was scared at first that his city life would keep him from enjoying all that this place as to offer..he does do his fair share of wrongs. We just make him to manual labor and it seems to work.
We had a great holiday, Cody went to Texas to see his dad, flew all by him little self. Did great!
Ok so I am going to try to write daily, even if it is one line or so..just what I am thinking or what is on my mind. Who knows if I will keep it up...but with the way things are going I need to vent, get some things out there...maybe yall can help!
I got issues...ok I am leaving that wide open, yall go ahead...


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Soooo Much To Tell...

Where do I even start.

Well we are in Montana finally...we did the uhaul move last week and tht was just fun. Me, Kiddo, Mom, 2 cats and dog...and only I drove. 3days later we arrived in one peace. I can't say I have ever experinced anything like that was fun really.

Cody went camping right away for a whole week...he had a blast, no mom...yeah he was ok. I just got things unpacked and as normal as possible. Cody is reg. for school and ready to go.

Things back home were just , well not sure. I mean My girlfriend and I had slpit up awhile ago and I was doing the working mom thing..which I loved. I had a great job and was doing it...but had the chance to go so had to take it.

I will say I miss home, alot...I just started tlking to a girl there,, who I am still talking to, which you never know what will happen...

I really miss u know I make friends easy and well I have some close friends and plus some and well I am really missing them right now..I mean this girl I am starting to "talk" to and do the long distant thing with..her bday is Thursday and it suxks not being there,,but I will see her in October, we had some fun planned which my awesome sis is making sure I get there for it. But still I miss really bad.

I know things are going to get better here..I don't hang alone long, but when u leave a life that you hve only known for yrs and yrs well it sucks...

Now I can't believe that I am finally here, doing what was meant to be..a family.

Time for bdays and Christmas and just all the things that are from a magazine...for real it is like that here and whn you want to just go outside and walk the pond you can...I mean come on right.

So I am sure tht alot of people are dissin the choice I made, but you know what I don't give a $#%^...

I am making better life for my kiddo...

Just hope that the things I left behind remember that.. and some follow me. I can say that we have all settled in well...even the cats, true Montana kitties. Cody just does his normal, as if he were here for a visit, but this time no flight home...well to visit..i can't wait.